Meet Deva Rea

Thank you for your interest you show to know who I am and what I do.
I am happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with you.

I have always been surrounded by people sensitive to beauty.  My mother was a beauty counsellor and my father was in fashion. Since I was young,  the search for a connection between beauty and truth has always been very important to me.

Growing up,  I discovered that beauty had different aspects. When each cell of our being is in connection with the divine vibration beauty becomes manifested,  as a gift of life.

"Elegance is not an exterior quality, but a manifestation of the soul that becomes visible to the world."
Paulo Coelho

I have been working for years with many therapies and my love  for the beauty brought me to became an medical beauty assistant. To give support, to lead my clients in a healthy space where harmony, beauty and relaxation should be the normal state of mind,  has always been my main goal.

I like to feel beautiful and I like when  people feel  beautiful  too.

Beauty and simplicity are two qualities that I really appreciate.

I’m happy to make my experience available to other people. Professionalism, honesty, clarity, respect is what I offer to be in a good connection with myself and with the world.

I don’t make miracles, they are within yourself, but I can help you to find the right way to discover your beauty,  to attain your beauty desire.

“All that is beautiful belongs to the same era” – Oscar Wilde


to preserve and maintain my clients in a harmony space with a healthy radiant and youthful skin.

"If you have beauty and nothing else, you have more or less the best thing invented by God." - Robert Browning

Looking forward to meeting you.

Deva Rea