Meet Deva Rea

Thank you for your interest you show to know who I am and what I do.
I am happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with you.

First of all, I want to thank the beauty of life that is inside and around us,  I am grateful to feel this vibration of love.

I have always been surrounded by people sensitive to beauty.  My mother was a beauty counsellor and my father was in fashion. Since I was young,  the search for a connection between beauty and truth has always been very important to me.

Growing up,  I discovered that beauty had different aspects. When each cell of our being is in connection with the divine vibration beauty becomes manifested,  as a gift of life.

"Elegance is not an exterior quality, but a manifestation of the soul that becomes visible to the world."
Paulo Coelho

My personality has developed through different experiences.  I have been working for years with many therapies. To give support, to lead my clients in a healthy space where harmony, beauty and relaxation should be the normal state of mind,  has always been my main goal.

When the mind, the body and the soul are in balance,  we are able to reach a very high quality of emotion, behaviour,  as love,  respect and sharing.  When this powerful moment flows into our body, there in an expansion within us and the cells are  reactivated and  vibrate in  a dance of light.

So,  beauty  shines in our face,  in our eyes, in our being.   I like to feel beautiful and I like when  people feel  beautiful  too.

Beauty and simplicity are two qualities that I really appreciate.

I’m happy to make my experience available to other people. Professionalism, honesty, clarity, respect is what I offer to be in a good connection with myself and with the world.

I don’t make miracles, they are within yourself, but I can help you to find the right way to discover your beauty,  to attain your beauty desire.

“All that is beautiful belongs to the same era” – Oscar Wilde


to preserve and maintain my clients in a harmony space with a healthy radiant and youthful skin.

Different skin care and body care with supporting beauty technology as,  oxygen, radiofrequency, microcurrent, ultrasound, chromo mask as well Ayurveda massage,   sound healing, lymphdrainage.

"If you have beauty and nothing else, you have more or less the best thing invented by God." - Robert Browning

Looking forward to meeting you.

Deva Rea